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05 September 2011 @ 09:34 pm
LoverBot - 05/?? - KhunYoung + JunWoo + JunBros  

Title: LoverBot
Author(s): tokidokiko
Pairing(s): Nichkhun/Wooyoung - KhunYoung, Junho/Wooyoung - JunWoo, Junsu/Junho - JunBros
Genre: AU - Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance(??)
Rating: PG
Summary: Wooyoung's friend, Junho, for some reason ordered a LoverBot (aka a lover that's a robot) from online as an early birthday gift for him. But after checking the the wrong gender box the LoverBot turned out to be male. Wooyoung is not impressed, especially when the LoverBot kept trying to be intimate with him. The LoverBot's name is Nichkhun.

Junho watched as Nichkhun the Loverbot wipe the sweat off Wooyoung's face. He watched as Nichkhun put his arms around Wooyoung's shoulder, around his waist, and holding his hand. Each time Wooyoung would push Nichkhun away, but it doesn't make Junho feel any better.

For the last two weeks, Nichkhun had been following Wooyoung all over the place, like a bee to honey. This left no place for Junho, especially since everytime he got close to Wooyoung Nichkhun would give him a look that said, "Don't come any closer or else".

Junho was regretting giving the Loverbot to Wooyoung. What had he done?

Junho felt a tap on his shoulder and glanced at Chansung (friend and dance crew member), who had been walking next to him. But his sights were still on Wooyoung and that Loverbot.

Today was the day of their dance competition. It didn't start out that great. It was a rainy day and it rained during the first part of a their performance. And Junho slipped. It was kind of a surprise they even won third place, although there were only five competing teams.

Nichkhun tried to wipe the sweat from the back of Wooyoung's neck and the other complained about him being too close again. Junho hated that he paid any attention to this.

"Hey, Junho, Junho!" Chansung was waving a hand in front of Junho's face.

"Huh?" Junho finally looked at Chansung.

"You okay?" the friend asked.

Junho looked back at Wooyoung and the Loverbot, who were walking ahead of them. "Umm, yea."

"I've been meaning to ask." Now Chansung was looking at the pair too. "Do you know who's the guy that's been hanging around Wooyoung and being all touchy?"

"Do I know him?" Junho didn't know how to explain about this robot thing without getting into all the details. So he thought of the next best thing. "Eee, I heard he's an exchange student in one of Wooyoung's classes." Sounds believable enough, right?

"Oh? From where? What's he's name?" Chansung questioned, curiously.

"Umm, Thailand?" Junho thought quickly. "Yea, Thailand. And his name's Nichkhun, I think."

"I see." Chansung nodded with the new knowledge he obtained. "Hey, Nich-" He started towards Nichkhun but was pulled back.

Junho got a hold of Chansung's arm. "Wait, what are you doing?"

"Just wanted to greet him properly." Chansung looked at his friend oddly. "Is that bad?"

Junho's eyes were wavering before he decided to change the subject. "Didn't you have something to tell me earlier?"

"That's right." Chansung snapped his fingers suddenly. "I was going to tell you. I have a friend who knows a songwriter who needs a demo singer."

"Demo singer?" Junho said, to make sure he heard it right.

"Like a person who sings a song that's written for an artist before the song is actually picked."

Junho glared at Chansung then sighed like he just heard the most absurd thing. "I know what a demo singer is. I'm just wondering why you're telling me this."

"Ehh, didn't you said you needed the money?" Chansung scratched the back of his neck, nervous that he might had said the wrong thing again.

"Well..." Junho started thinking about his about rent that suddenly went up last month, which he was struggling with even before the change.

While the other was still thinking Chansung took out a card from his wallet and gave it to Junho. "Here's the songwriter's contact if you're interested."


The next morning Junho arrived at an upscale apartment complex at the door of a songwriter in the name of Kim Junsu. He thought he heard of that name before but didn't put much thought into it.

Junho rang the door bell a couple times with no answer. Out of wonder he tried the door handle. After a turn, a click, and a pull Junho couldn't believe the door was actually unlocked. Anyway, he took a deep breath and walked into the posh apartment as he carefully closed the door behind him.

When Junho got to the middle of the living room and looked around the place he wasn't quite sure how to describe it. The overall decor was like a crossover between a modern art museum and a black and white safari, if that even made any sense. First of all the apartment was spacious and the walls were all white while the floor was a plain polished cement grey.

Then there was the black and white animal printed furniture. Zebra, leopard, tiger, cow, giraffe, snake - you name it. But what really got Junho's attention was the polar bear rug under the finely-craved black tree trunk coffee table. Good thing no head was attached or that'll really be creepy looking. Junho had a strong urge to pounce over to pet the furry rug, which he does.

After amusing himself with the polar bear rug Junho wandered into the halls of rooms in the chic apartment. There he finally heard some life. It was music. It was distant yet near at the same time and Junho was trying to follow where it came from.

The music led him to a door which Junho opened without a thought. And along with the music he heard a voice singing words to it. The voice pulled him in sort of like trance and he just stood there and listened. By the time it was over Junho automatically clapped his hands together, getting the other person's attention in what looks like a studio room.

The person in the swivel chair suddenly spun around and frantically took of his fuzzy panda slipper and held it up like a weapon. "Who are you? How'd you get in here?"

"I'm Lee Junho. The one that called you about the demo. And you front door was unlocked." Junho couldn't help the small grin that formed on his face looking at this man holding the panda slipper.

Once putting his slipper back on, Kim Junsu, the songwriter, scanned Junho from head to toe with a nod. "Oh. Sorry for scaring you."

"Why would I be scared of an ajusshi wearing fuzzy panda slippers?" Junho said quietly to himself. But apparently not quietly enough.

"Who you calling an ajusshi? I'm only 24," Junsu responded defensively.

Junho couldn't be blamed though. Junsu was wearing a grey bucket hat made of wool, some strange pair of thick square framed glasses in black, a loose sky blue v-neck sweater showing a white t-shirt inside, along with baggy khaki trousers. How does this outfit not say 'I'm an old man'?

"For real?" Junho's eyes went slightly wider than they should. "Sorry, Junsu-sshi."

Junsu shook his head, still a little irritated by his mistaken age. "Anyway, lets get down to it." He gave a sheet of paper with words on it to Junho. "Here's the lyrics to the song you'll be singing."

Junho looked at the lyrics then looked at the songwriter, confused. "You want me to sing it right now?"

"Why? You want to come back another day?" Junsu asked curtly.

Junho cleared his throat to stay calm. "No, I mean this is going a little fast. I don't even know what the song is about or how it sounds like."

"It's the same song you heard just a moment ago," the songwriter told him. "The song is about love at first sight with an unrequited love story twist."

One and a half, almost two hours later.

"No, no, no. That's not it. AGAIN!" Junsu ordered, but Junho was already taking off the headphones and walking out of the studio's sound room. "Wait, what are you doing?"

"I'm sorry," Junho first apologized. "We're already on the twenty fifth take. I don't think I can give you what you want. You can find someone else. Or you could sing it. I heard you sing earlier and you were good. I don't get why don't you just sing it instead of wasting money on a demo singer?"

Junsu see the other wasn't getting his vision. "What I'm looking for is compatibility. I want to find a voice that fits into the song. Which is why I don't think I have the voice for for this particular song. But I guess someone like you wouldn't get this sort of thing."

Junho began to frown. "What's that suppose to mean? Someone like me."

"There's a saying in our industry that amazing dancers are usually bad singers."

Now it's Junho turn to take offense. "Ayy, I'd admit I'm not the best singer. But what you just said doesn't sound right. And... wait..." He thought for a second. "You've seen me dance before?"

At this Junsu let out a small chuckle. "Sometimes when I need to think I'd take a stroll around this one park. I'd come across the basketball court and see this one guy dancing on top of it pretending like it's his own stage. He was actually quite a sight to see. Especially when he messes up and throws a childish tantrum, like running around stomping his feet then goes off tearing out grass from the ground."

Junho looked down on the ground somewhat embarrassed. "I didn't know I was being watched."

Junsu laughed with a clap of his hand. "So it really is you."

Junho snapped his head up at the suddenly cheerful songwriter. "Hey, I thought..."

Junsu smiled. "I never actually saw that person's face clearly since I usually stood at a distance from the basketball court. But now that you admit it was you I can see resemblance."

Junho shook his head displeasing. "I can't take this," he said and walked out of the studio room.

Junsu went after the pouty boy through his apartment. "If you leave now it only proves that dancers really can't sing."

Junho glares at songwriter once before leaving out the front door.

After his door shut closed Junsu could only grin. "What a cute kid."


Wooyoung woke up that morning with a runny nose and cough. His body ached all over. Later he even found out he had a fever. It was official he had a flu. And Nichkhun the Loverbot just won't leave him alone. Not that it's different from any other day.

Nichkhun brought Wooyoung tissues. He brought him blankets when Wooyoung said he was cold. He tried to give Wooyoung a massage when he said his back ached, which he of course said NO to.

Overall, the Loverbot was being extra fussy that day. At first it really bothered Wooyoung but then he started remembering the old days when his mom would always be there to take care of him when he was sick. Thinking about that made Wooyoung miss home with his parents and older sister.

Nichkhun had two pills in his palm and a tall glass of water in his other hand. "Say 'ah'" he said, as he tried to feed Wooyoung one of the pills.

Wooyoung would have argued about wanting to take the medicine himself but he didn't have the strength to. So he obediently opened my mouth. "Ah."

"Good boy," Nichkhun said as he held to the glass of water to Wooyoung's mouth, and lightly patted the other's head afterwards.

"Don't pet my head," Wooyoung said, pursing his lips as he laid back down in bed.

Nichkhun smiled. "Okay. Now close your eyes and go to sleep. When you wake up I'll have dinner ready." He covered the blankets over the other.

"Not rice soup again," Wooyoung whined, after having it already for breakfast and lunch. It was practically tasteless.

"Rest," the Loverbot told Wooyoung before kissing his forehead and gently brushing back his hair. Instead of protesting the skinship Wooyoung simply watched Nichkhun walk out of his bedroom as his eyelids slowly went heavy. Blame it on the flu.

Wooyoung had a dreamless sleep. Which was fine. But aside from that he felt things during his sleep. He felt a soft moist towel wiping away the sweat off of his face and neck. He felt the caress of a hand stroking his cheek. He felt the movement of springs in his bed beside him. And he felt an incredible warmth that embraced him as he fell deeper into his sleep.

When Wooyoung opened his eyes he saw Nichkhun laid down next to him. Oddly, he wasn't too surprised or maybe he was too weak to overreact about this. The Loverbot had his eyes closed with his ever angelic face practically glowing from the moonlight through the window. Wooyoung guessed he went into his sleep mode again.

Then he looked over to his bed side table to find a tray with a bowl of rice soup on top of it. "This again," Wooyoung sighed, as he picked it up, still warm.

He took in spoon full and to his surprise it had a rich blend of chicken broth and spices. It was actually good. Wooyoung smiled and glanced at the slumbering robot next to him. "Thanks."

Notes: Finally a new chapter, and finally Chansung and Junsu makes an appearance after I got a suggestion from a reader saying they want to see the other boys in the story too. And because of that now Junho has someone chasing after him for a change. I know some of you might be asking why isn't he paired up with Chansung. Well, I think the JunBros relationship is quite interesting in real life so I went for it. As for Taecyeon he'll have a part too but maybe later on when I get there - or if I get there.

janghorvejkuljanghorvejkul on September 6th, 2011 09:59 am (UTC)
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complicated0403complicated0403 on September 6th, 2011 11:38 am (UTC)
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ALYA JUNHO ♥♥ LEEheartbeatclouds on September 6th, 2011 09:38 pm (UTC)
I tell you this story is really lovely.
I'm enjoying the storyline so much <3

So glad that Junsu and Chansung were added to this.
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JunBros' relationship in real life is quite intresting indeed which makes me really love reading them in fanfics!!

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I'm hoping right now that Nichkhun is not really a loverbot and I would love to read a chapter with Nichkhun's POV. To see how he feels towards Wooyoung. That's if he really feels anything real towards Wooyoung yet.

"He was actually quite a sight to see. Especially when he messes up and throws a childish tantrum, like running around stomping his feet then goes off tearing out grass from the ground."
Lmao, Junho's antics are so adorable.

Wooyoung is even much cuter. I can see that he's giving in to Nichkhun a little at the end.

Can't wait for more of this KhunYoung pairing. And of course JunBros too~
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