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It's Very Expensive - HoMin - 3

Title: It's Very Expensive
Pairing(s): HoMin - seme!Yunho x uke!Changmin
Genre: AU, Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG14 - R (-ish)
Summary: Somehow Changmin became a stalker, while Yunho might still think the latter is a gigolo - and that is a problem.

Inspired Video

Currently it is 22:15, or 10:15PM. I've been pacing back and forth (and up and down the street) in front of this dance studio for the last half hour. Yes. It's Yunho's dance studio. Yes. I feel pathetic.

Every night after I closed the shop I'd come out with a hot cup of coffee in hand as I take my nightly stroll around the neighbor. Of course this ritual only began a week ago - after I found out where his studio was. Eventually, I found myself standing on the sidewalk under a tree - to hide, I guess. While I look up at the second floor to the large glass windows just waiting (hoping) to see a glimpse of him. It's stupid.

Something has also been bugging me. The last time I saw him, in person, he said 'nice seeing you' then he winked at me. So... that means he remembers me right? Or did he really wanted to say 'nice meeting you' instead. But then why the wink? Or did I just imagined the wink? But Yoochun and Jaejoong saw it too. But Yoochun thought it might had been a twitch. This is ridiculous.


I know that voice. I turn around and there's Yoochun - with Jaejoong. They come up to me.

"What are you do here?" Yoochun hops to me.

"Drinking coffee." I sip the last drop of coffee and tossed the empty cup over my shoulder. "What are you two doing here?"

"I was teaching a baking class, and Yoochunnie came to visit." Jaejoong smiles, throwing an arm over Yoochun's shoulder.

"I didn't know you teach too." I eyed him.

Jaejoong is actually a patisserie, who studied in France. Now he's a well-known pastry chef in Korea and owns a shops in Seoul. Due to his fame in the industry and his looks he's also a model, and a playboy - or at least that's what I've read somewhere in a magazine.

"I just started. It's quite fun really. Right, Yoochun." Jaejoong's rubbing Yoochun's shoulder and looking all cheery.

"Yea." Yoochun smiles all bright and shiny. "But it's a little messy."

"That's okay. It was your first time. He was my little helper today." Jaejoong announces.

"I see." Not that I needed to know that.

"Changminnie, are you hungry?" Yoochun asks me. "We're going to grab something to eat. Wanna join us?"

Speaking of which, I am sort of hungry. But... I look up at the second floor. And suddenly... I gasp. It's him. Yunho. Standing in front of the window looking right at me.

"What are you looking at?" Yoochun looks up. "Hey, isn't he that guy?"

"What guy?" Now Jaejoong is looking up too. "Oh, I saw him before at your shop."

"So is this the reason you're here? To spy on him?" Yoochun asks me, with mischief in his eyes.

"If so, you're not doing a really good job of spying. Now he's waving at you." Jaejoong adds.

I look up and suddenly now I'm waving back. I catch my own hand with my other and pulled it down to stop the movement.

"I guess you're not joining us."

"I want some ddukbokki."

"With a side of mandu."

"And kimchi."

With that the two left without me. I sigh. What am I even still doing here?

"So you're the stalker?"

I slowly turn around. And my eyeballs pop out of their sockets bouncing off the pavement, so I have to pick them up as fast as possible to stuff them back into my head. This didn't actually happen, but Yunho is standing right in front of me.

I take a deep breath to regain my composure. "What do you mean by that?" Maybe I should just make a run for it.

"My students says there's a tall, dark and handsome stranger standing under a tree outside spying on our dance class for the passed week. They were curious of who it was, and so was I. Then I looked out the window and saw you."

"You are not going to call the cops on me, are you?"

He crosses his arms. "No." He smirks. "I'll just give you a warning this time. But why are you here?" he asks.

To see you. No. I can't say that. It's hard to think when his hair is slicked back, and his shirt is a couple buttons too undone and his pants are too tight in areas I shouldn't be staring at.

I have to say something, damn it. He's still looking at me. "I think I found your book, maybe," I blurt out.

Where the hell am I suppose to find that stinkin' old book he talked about?

"Really!?" He jumps. His eyes and smile is twinkling like stars. Wait a minute. Nevermind. A car just drove by. The headlights were beaming into my eyes.


"That's fantastic. You still have my number, right?"

I nod, maybe a little too eagerly.

"Great. And if you ever feel like dancing you can always come up to join us in the studio. It's pretty cold standing out here. 'Kay?"

He pats me on the shoulder. A smile. A wink - not an imagination this time, I think.

And he waves as he goes back to his studio and disappears into the building.

As I walk away suddenly something smacks me in the face. And I don't mean just a the leaf that just feel from a tree. More like realization. I think that he still thinks that I was a or is a... hooker/whore/prostitute/gigolo/rent-boy (pick a name). This may be a problem.

Another new day.

I open the door to my (and Yoochun's) apartment and I find Yoochun laying back on the couch. While Jaejoong is up and hovering over him with his arms stretched out by either side of Yoochun's head. If I was one of those perverted-minded people it would appear I'm interrupting something. But, maybe I've watched a bit too much movies, and this type of scene is always popular in romance-comedies - I have to stop watching those.

And now they spotted me.

"Excuse me. Please don't mind me. Just passing through. Continue whatever you were doing." I grab the notebook I was looking for on the kitchen table. "I'll be leaving." I retreat closing the door, awkwardly. I've always thought there was something between them - hope it's not too serious.

Moments after my departure they come downstairs (to the cafe) as well. I glance at the clock - three hours! They've been up there for three hours. It seems like their "piano lessons" have gotten longer after every time.

Jaejoong passes by the counter and he catches me with a 'good-bye' and a hand wave.

And I just waved back while I wipe the counters. Then he takes his leave.

"It's not what you think it is?" Yoochun leans over on the counter, looking right at me.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, as if I didn't know.

"He got up from his chair too fast, lost his balance and almost - ALMOST." He emphases the word 'almost'. "Almost fell on me, but - BUT." There goes the word emphasis again. "He caught the back of the couch in time and the rest of his body remained stable and at least half a meter away from mines. So there."

I find it odd that Yoochun has to explain himself like this. It makes it seem like he has more to hide.

I'm curious now. "Tell me the truth. Do you find Jaejoong attractive at all?"

Yoochun actually pauses to think rather than blurting out a random 'no'.

"Well, yea. For a guy, he's quite good looking." He coughs. "I mean girls do go crazy over him."

"I didn't expect you to admit it so easily."

"Admit what?" he asks, lost.

"That you might have a crush on Jaejoong," I inform him. Actually, I think Jaejoong is the one that has a crush on Yoochun, but he doesn't seem to see it.

"It's not like that." Yoochun exhales loudly, resting his head on the counter.

I see I'm not the only one with problems.

Afterword: Sorry update took a while. I've had some other things running in my mind lately. Anyway, I know this chapter isn't so good either, but it's something. Hope you enjoyed it still.

Tags: dbsk, fanfic, homin, tvxq
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