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Moving - HoMin - 4 of 4 END

Title: Moving
Pairing(s): HoMin
Genre: Romance, Slice-of-Life
Rating: G
Summary: Changmin decideds to move out. But Yunho's constant "support" was making it hard for Changmin to move on.

Moving mov·ing [moo-ving]
1. to go from one place of residence to another
2. to advance or progress
3. to arouse or excite the feelings or passions of; affect with emotion
4. to affect with tender or compassionate emotion; touch

Yunho sipped his cold glass of water. "I found the perfect place."

"Not this again." Changmin said under his breath, but not loud enough for the other to hear.

They had a private room at the best yakiniku place in town. Changmin just wanted to enjoy his perfectly marinated grilled meats. And Yunho was talking about that stuff again. Maybe Changmin should just tell him about his new decision about the moving.

"Yunho..." he started.

"I've decided to move out," Yunho suddenly said.

Changmin blinked a couple times, trying to register what the other had said, as his eyes grew wide. "You what?"

"You were right before when you said it was time for us to live on our own. Plus if I move out you don't have to deal with all the trouble of moving. Only I need to worry about all that." So this is Yunho being logical.

Changmin thought it was stupid, he didn't say it though. "Why?" was what he said instead.

"It's easier this way," Yunho told him.

Changmin's wrinkled his brow. "What does that suppose to mean?"

"Well..." Yunho began but didn't get to continue.

Changmin had to cut him off. "Whatever. I don't care," he huffed, grabbing a bottle of Soju and gulping down some. It burns down his throat. He grimaced, but he just kept drinking.

Before Changmin knew it he was popping open another bottle.

"Changmin is something wrong?" Yunho asked, really concerned.

"No, I'm just enjoying myself."

Changmin was already going for another bottle but Yunho snatched it first.

"Then I'll join you."

The elder popped off the cap and began chugging. Their server kept the Soju coming and they continued the rest of their meal without much conversation.

Eventually, Yunho is faced down on the table after his forth bottle.

Changmin heaved a deep sigh. He's the one dragging the drunk ass home afterall. But he had a bit to drink himself so the restaurant called a cab for them.

Once they were home Changmin helped Yunho take his shoes off. They proceed as the younger dragged the other to the bedroom (Yunho's room, so there's no misunderstanding) then dropped him unceremoniously on the bed - which was expectantly undone and scattered with clothes and junk.

Changmin shook his head disapprovingly while he threw some stuff off the bed, so the other wouldn't hurt himself rolling over a sneaker or a pair of sunglasses. After that was done Changmin was turning to leave when his hand got caught.

Yunho was pulling Changmin down on the bed to sit beside him. He made some noises releasing the younger's hand only to lay on his side to wrap his arms around the other's waist and pulling him in.

"Don't go. Changmin. Don't go. Don't leave me," Yunho said, soft and gentle like a plea.

Desperate and vulnerable is not the usual description for Yunho. And when Changmin started to feeling like his ribs were cracking and his breathing uneven he became more uncomfortable.

"Yunho let me go." Changmin struggled. But the other just held on tighter to him.

"Don't go~... D-don't leeeave me... alone... Don't move awayyy... Please~... Changminnn-ahh."

Either Yunho's speech was getting more slurred or the alcohol was getting to Changmin too. Anyway the arms around him had became looser. And between the occasional drunken moaning, groaning and whining Changmin heard it.

"Don't move away? But aren't you the one moving now?" Changmin was confused.

"Don't wanna be the one left behind." Yunho buried his face into Changmin's shirt hem.

The realization hits Changmin. While Yunho was cuddling his way closer into his side.

"Is that why you've been so good and supportive?" Changmin whispered. Actually Yunho has always been that way. "You wanted me to change my mind on my own. Is that it?"

"Umm," Yunho replied, but he wasn't even really listening.

Changmin couldn't see the other's face at this point, which was better this way, probably.

"O-kkay." Changmin's voice almost cracked. "I won't move out." It sounded better this time.

"Okay?" He looked down but there was no movement or sound coming from the other.

"You can let me go now." Changmin patted the arm that was still wrapped around his waist. "Yunho?"

"You're asleep, aren't you?" Changmin didn't get anything, and he was still trapped in Yunho's arms.

The sun was so bright Yunho had no choice but to wake up. But when he opened his eyes he thought he was still dreaming. Because what he saw in front of him didn't seem real.

Yunho got Changmin sleeping peacefully in his bed, and his arm cradling the younger's neck. It didn't feel like his arm though. In fact it felt numb at the moment. He couldn't even move his legs. Yunho looked down and Changmin's legs were wrapped around his. While Changmin's arm was slung over his midsection.

Somehow Yunho couldn't help thinking of that adorable sleepy koala bear on a tree branch they saw when they went to Australia together. It brought a smile to his face, just like this moment now.

Yunho still wasn't sure how they got like this, but - oh well. He tucked Changmin's bangs behind his ear. Letting out a longing sigh, Yunho glanced at the clock. Fifteen more minutes before they have to get up.

A moment later somewhere in a distance there was phone ringing. Just from the tone Yunho recognized it was their phone from the living room. He didn't want to move
or wake Changmin yet though. So he let it kept ringing.

Eventually Yunho's eyelids grew heavy and closed. And they overslept for an extra hour.


Voice Message [Hello, Jung Yunho-sshi. I live in the unit directly upstairs from you. We talked yesterday. Remember? Just wondering if you're still interested. If so, please give me a call, my number is ... ]

Yunho runs to the machine, tripping over a foot on his way.


Answering Machine [Your message has been deleted]

Changmin was standing by the machine tapping his foot, and was staring now at Yunho. "So was that the perfect place you were talking about?"

Yunho smiled nervously as he fiddled with his collar and tie. "I, umm..."

Changmin reached out and helped Yunho with his tie. "Better get going before we'll really-really be late."

Afterwords: Thank you to those who have stuck to this story. The ending was not what I expected. In fact, it was suppose to be a melancholy one but since it's Yunho's B-Day I gave him a happy ending.

Sorry I had to use alcohol as a confession-device. That's so cliche right? Well, I did watch this [ VIDEO] before I started writing and got inspired. HoMin's situation is total different from the MV though. Very bittersweet but everyone should check it out later. It's about a guy who has an unrequited love for his male best friend.

Yup, so I hope ya'll enjoyed "Moving" (and like the piccie on top I made of HoMin~ hehe XD).

Tags: dbsk, fanfic, homin, tvxq
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