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It's Very Expensive - HoMin - 4

Title: It's Very Expensive
Pairing(s): HoMin - seme!Yunho x uke!Changmin
Genre: AU, Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG14 - R (-ish)
Summary: Changmin gets attacked by an old friend - Kyuhyun. Then after he fleed he sees Yunho in the same hotel hugging another man in the hallway.

Inspired Video

"Yunho-sshi wasn't here today. Wonder what happened?" I overhear one of the ladies walking out the studio.

Great! I've been waiting in the hallway for the last forty-five minutes contemplating over whether I should go in or not, and he wasn't even there. Well, I guess now I can just walk home and wallow in my self-pity. Damn it, why did I even come?

"Hey, are you Shim Changmin?" Someone taps me on the shoulder.

I turn around. "Yes?" I answer. It's a guy. I looked at him. He kinda seems familiar somehow. "Do I know you?"

"I'm Cho Kyuhyun. Remember me?" he says, all eager and excited.

"Kyuhyun?" Is it really? Suddenly the images off my school days flashes through my head. "I thought you looked familiar."

"Long time," he says, then we do the half-handshake-half-hug sorta thing that guys do. "How are you doing?" he asks me.

"Fine," I answer. "And you?"

"Not bad." He nods his head. "Hey, you wanna grab some drinks?"

"Sure." It's not like I had anything else better to do, and meeting old friends is a rare thing for me.

Back in high school I wasn't big on socializing. But with being at school for almost two-thirds of my day I had to talk to some people and make some friends. So Kyuhyun became one of those friends. We had similar interests and even our personalities were kind of similar so we became quite close. Around senior year however, Kyuhyun's Father had to relocate due to his job, so of course the whole family had to move including Kyuhyun. We tried to keep in touch but I guess life got in the way and we just lost contact with each other.

In between drinks we talked about old times. We had some laughs. Then we started talking about life. Kyuhyun talks about trying to be a stage actor. He talks about what he lacks and how he wants to be better. He talks about how he fell for someone, then how they just broke up and how all his relationship tends to end that way. He tells me how much he misses me, and how he wish it can be old times again.

After a couple bottles of beer, and maybe a bit too many for Kyuhyun, I was left with the task of taking him home. Except he just won't tell me where he lives because he's too drunk and incoherent.

Once I shut the hotel room door Kyuhyun pounces on me then sends us both crashing to the bed. I don't even have time to figure out what is happening before he's all over me like a hungry wolf. He kneels on the bed, strips his shirt off and practically rips off mine and kisses my chest, over and over again.

I never remembered Kyuhyun being this aggressive. Even back then he's been shy when a girl ever tried to talk to him, in which case he'd runaway.

He turns me around and kisses my shoulders and my back. I shiver. Everything is moving so fast I can't even think. Then he spins me around and pulls me towards him. But he stops and reaches down to undo my belt. Shit! This is getting serious.

"KYUHYUN, STOP!" I push him away only to have him push me back down on to the bed. He kneels over me, holding down my arms and starts kissing my stomach, my chest, and my neck. Damn, why is he so strong!?

"Ahh!" He just took a bite of my neck and now he's smiling at me.

NO, NO, NO, NO! This can NOT be happening. I bend my knee and jabbed him in the gut. While he's in pain I kicked him off the bed. Then I get right up to redo my belt and grab my shirt.

I hear the groaning and moaning behind me as I go towards the door. But then it suddenly goes quiet, and these arms come out of nowhere wrapping tightly around my shoulder and a warm body plasters against my back.

"Changmin. Don't go. I love you." He breaths into my neck. "Changmin. I've always loved you. This time I can't let you go."

"Oh, please let me go," I try to say nicely, almost pleading. I know this confession is suppose to be a shock to me. I mean I am, but I'm tired, exhausted - mentally and physically. Hey, just a couple minutes ago I was violated. And by tomorrow morning when I'm completely sober I'll probably have to deal with some trauma too.

All of a sudden he breaks into sobs. I have no idea what's going on. He loosens up his arms a bit enough for me to wriggle myself away. Pretty soon he was a blubbering mess falling back into the bed and wrapping himself in the sheets. While I slip out of the hotel room while he's not watching for my own safety. And of course for the respect of a grown man crying in the privacy of his own hotel room.

As I head to the elevator someone comes out from another hotel room. No, actually, there are two and both are men and they're hugging each other. I know I'm not suppose to stare but they're right there - and you just don't see two men longingly hug each other everyday. So I do a little side glance.

One of them looks like that Hallyu star. What's his name? Umm.... Choi Siwon? Yea, I think that's it. It's not really him is it? While the other guy looks like... I gasp - a little too dramatically.

Yunho? No way! I blink my eyes a few times and take a look again. It is him. Shit!

I back track, turning a corner to hide behind a wall. Breathe, just breathe. This is so silly and unnecessary. This is a free country. There's nothing between us so why do I have to be sneaky.

I take a second and I walk back to the hall towards the elevator and I see Yunho head down with a cigarette in his mouth leaning on the door frame of his hotel room.

"Hey, you have a light?" He looks up and only just seem to realize it's me. "Oh, you."

"Sorry, I don't smoke," I tell him.

He seems a bit different somehow. His hairs a bit messy. His shirt collars open. I see skin, oh~ skin. I just now realize his chest is exposed.

I gasp, dramatically, again. Did he... and the guy before... and the lingering hug... and... and... oh, my gawd! Did they...? Suddenly there's a porno movie playing in my head. Woah, woah, wait, WHAT!?

"Hello? Can you hear me?" I hear his voice.

I shake my head to come back to my senses, and find myself just mere inches away from Yunho. Somehow he had backed me up into a wall without me noticing.

"What?" I gulp.

"I asked why you're here? Not stalking me again, are you?" He smiles at me as he comes closer, and I start to feel dizzy and hot. Do I smell alcohol in his breathe?

"No," I manage to croak. "I was..." Should I actually tell him I was with an old friend who just tried to attack me? And I almost got taken advantage of. In addition, I may be a little buzzed too - that I feel like doing something stupid

"I was just passing by." I lie.

"Now bye." I spontaneously wave my hand at him and bounce away to catch the elevator that just happens to arrive and open at the right moment.

Oww… my head hurts. Little moles, please stop whacking my head. I promise I won't whack your rodent friends anymore when I go to the arcade. Where am I? Sitting up I notice an old coffee stain on the cushion - made by Yoochun. Yup, it's my couch. Right, now I remember, last night after Yunho I went to get some beers and drank them alone then, err then... I guess I got home?

I'm one of those amazing drunken people that can still manage to find my way home after large amounts of alcohol consumption. It's amazing I tell you, I'm amazing!

"AMAZING!" I raise my hands up in the air, waving it right and left, then drop them back down, from dizziness. Maybe I'm still a little drunk.

I go into a daze, watching the ceiling for a bit before I roll off the couch, and I fall face first on the wooden floor. While getting up, my eyes land on the time on the DVD player. 11:00 AM, damn! I have to open the shop.

"Did you get everything?"

"I think so. Wait, I think I forgot my underwear."

"How can you forget your underwear? Where is it?"

"I was joking."

Those sound distinctively like Yoochun and Jaejoong’s voices, and they're coming from Yoochun's bedroom.

"You want to check in my pants?"

"Thanks, but I'll pass for today. Come on, hurry before Changmin wakes up."

What is going on? Shouldn't Yoochun be, wait, what does Yoochun usually do all day?

While I'm stuck wondering Jaejoong walks out of Yoochun's bedroom in Yoochun's shirt.

"Oh! Changmin, you're up." Jaejoong jumps.

"I, yea," I correspond.

"So, you've finally decided to wake up," Yoochun says, joining the rest of us in the living room and he's got only that to say. "Where were you all night?" he adds.

I really don't want to talk about this in front of the other person - Kim Jaejoong. "Did he stayed overnight?" I jut my chin out at Jaejoong's direction.

Yoochun and Jaejoong exchanges some weird blinking action.

Yoochun coughs or clears his throat. "Yea, last night Jaejoong and I went out, had some drinks, I got sort of drunk and Jaejoong brought me home."

"I had a bit to drink too so I couldn't drive home," Jaejoong adds.

I simply nod due to my slight headache. "I see."

I notice Jaejoong rubbing Yoochun's arm. "So I slept with Yoochunnie," he says with a smile.

"Huh!?" Yoochun does a double take. "No. He meant we shared my bed."

Now Jaejoong is hugging Yoochun's arm and standing very close to the other. "And slept really closely together."

"O-kayy~" I raise an eyebrow. "I'm using the bathroom first," I say as I begin moving, because I don't want to get into this situation we have here.

"I need aspirin." I hear Yoochun in the background.

"I can make us all breakfast." This voice must be Jaejoong.

I'm just getting to my bathroom and pretending the last fifteen minutes was a very weird dream.

Afterword: Yes, I know this chapter was a bit twisted, but promise more better Yunho/Changmin action next time. Plus I've been thinking to start writing another HoMin fic like my [ MOVING ] story with the domestic-touch. But not so sure.

Tags: dbsk, fanfic, homin, tvxq

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