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Couple Song - HoMin - Photo Story + Fanmix

Title: Couple Song
Rating: G to PG13
Medium: photoshop cs3
Includes: HoMin x8 Photo Story + Fanmix

[First date and Yunho was late leaving Changmin waiting until he fell asleep on a bench.]

Watch You Sleep

It’s as if I could reach out and touch you,
that’s how close you seem,
yet just out of reach you stay.

“Can’t Even Sleep” by ShinJi


[First dance and Yunho makes the first move causing Changmin wavering.]


Why do you leave me with this longing, this endless longing?
Shall I take your hand, let you twirl and spin us around endlessly,
until our black hair fades into strands of silver…

“Waiting for You” by Anson Hu


[Getting married after the third date and Yunho being too happy with his blushing wifey Changmin in his arms.]


It beats… my heart… it continues to beat
Ever since I met you for the first time by chance
I must have fallen, I must have really fallen for you
I can’t stare straight into your eyes, still…

“Confession” by Kim Kyu Jong


[Wedding night starting with a hot sexy bubble bath.]

End of the Night

I’ll be your Dr. Jekyll, and you be my Mr. Hyde
The best of both worlds when you get inside
You be the lock, and I’ll be the key
My heart is beating fast but my hands are moving slow
Feels so right you just cant say no

“Midnight Romeo” by Push Play


[Yunho likes to cuddle afterwards and wifey Changminnie lets him.]


Did you know? In my eyes, you seem fragile enough to be trampled.
Now that I’m here, I’ll stay awake right next to you watching over you.

“White Love” by Seungri


[Looking at their honeymoon pictures.]

Imagine Love

I imagine you smiling at me
I imagine you holding my hand
I imagine you sleeping in my arms
I imagine spending everyday with you
I imagine myself hugging you
I imagine us everyday becoming each other’s half
What a sweet imagination

“Imagine” by C.N.Blue


[Taking their family portrait after adopting their very own puppy.]

Couple Song

I can’t live without you boy
I can’t live without you
I can’t imagine life without your love

“Couple Song” by Ra.D


All photomanipulations done by me tokidokiko
Check for updates of my work at [ Love-Rabby ] @ Tumblr

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