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Touch Series - HoMin - Part 1

Title: Touch Series
Pairing(s): HoMin
Genre: Slice-of-Life
Rating: PG
Summary: How Yunho copes with being 27, single, and sometimes lonely. And the innocent touches he shares with Changmin.

Yunho woke up early again, not because he had to but because he couldn't stay asleep. So he put on a plain tshirt, jeans, and a warm coat, then stepped out into the cold chilly streets.

It was just him. Well, and the old man that went passed him on a bike. None of the shops had open yet expect for that coffee place down the block. But Yunho's stomach doesn't do well with coffee in the morning, especially on an empty stomach.

So he went passed it and choose the park instead. It was a playground actually. It didn't seem like one though, without any kids around. Anyway, since the swings were free Yunho wasn't going to pass up that chance. He took the one right in the center and tried to swing as high as he could.

When he did get up there Yunho realized he was cheering all by himself. It was just him. What am I doing here all alone? he wondered.

Then Yunho saw the same old man again riding by on his bike. Was he following him or something?

When Yunho got back to the apartment Changmin was sitting at the kitchen counter with a magazine. The other didn't ask why he was out this early or where he went. But there was a "hey" with the offering of tea which Yunho accepted

He sat at the kitchen table. He watched as Changmin took two cups from the cardboard. He watched as Changmin held two bags of tea in each hand contemplating which to make as the younger cutely puffed up his cheeks in a pout. Yunho didn't even mind the other not asking him which he wanted.

He continued watching as Changmin finally spooned the tea leaves of choice into the cups and poured hot water into them. All the while Yunho wondered if Changmin was waiting for him to come home so they can drink tea together. He smiled to himself. Or maybe I'm thinking too much, he thought.

Changmin placed Yunho's cup in front of him. Then got his and sat across from the other elder. Yunho blew at his tea first before trying a sip. But it was just too hot and he burnt his tongue a little. He saw Changmin smirked. And even though it was at his own expense it didn't make him feel too bad. Actually it made him smile too.

"You got something in your hair," Changmin said. He was still grinning as Yunho tried to catch whatever was in his hair.

Changmin tsked, "Let me." He reached over the side of Yunho's head, touching the hair slightly, and plucked off a small dried leaf. He placed the leaf on the table in the middle of them. And Yunho picked it up between his fingers and laughed.

"I went to a playground today, and played on the swings," Yunho said, a bit of the blue. He sounded like a kid but he didn't care.

Changmin was drinking his tea. He was always better at handling hot stuff than Yunho. "Did you have a good time?"

Yunho thought about it for a second. He wanted to say 'no'. He wanted to say 'I wanted you to be with me'. He wanted to say 'I'd rather stay home with you'. But those did not sound right to him.

What Yunho really said was, "It was nice. Maybe you should come out too next time."

Changmin was looking down at his cup, spoon in hand, stirring his tea, hair hanging down over his face. It made Yunho want to reach out, run his fingers through the other's hair, and tuck it behind his ear. He wondered how Changmin would react.

"I'll think about it," Changmin replied, lifting his head up suddenly and sweeping his hair back.

"Ok," Yunho answered. He was smiling nervously for some reason as he picked up his cup of tea again and began drinking it even though it was still a little too hot.

Occasionally, Yunho looked up at Changmin, who was back to his magazine. So it wouldn't seem awkward he got a magazine too. However, instead of reading the pages Yunho imagined the two of them, he and Changmin, playing on the swings in the playground. And that made Yunho smiled to himself.

Changmin saw this but said nothing and just shook his head at his hyung, with that involuntary smirk that appears on his face whenever he's around Yunho.

Afterword: Hey, everyone. Started a new story again. I wanted to write something light-hearted like my [ MOVING ] story. It's not really romance but it has that feeling of love and care in general. Each chapter is a different story that involves a 'touch'. This chapter was touch of the 'hair', and the next would be touch of the 'forehead' so someone's going to catch a fever.

If ya'll like the story let me know and comment. It'll make me really happy, enough to write quicker. Thanks ^___^

Tags: dbsk, fanfic, homin, tvxq
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