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Touch Series - Part 2

Title: Touch Series
Pairing(s): HoMin
Genre: Slice-of-Life
Rating: PG
Summary: How Yunho copes with being 27, single, and sometimes lonely. And the innocent touches he shares with Changmin.
This Chapter: Yunho isn't feeling well and he wishes someone was there with him.

Yunho wasn't so sure how it happened. He knew he heard his alarm clock ringing in the morning. In fact, he thought he heard it ringing a couple times. However, he did remember tapping the snooze button once, twice and vaguely the third time.

When Yunho finally opened his eyes he looked at his alarm and saw the time he popped right up from his bed. Maybe a little too fast. He got a bit dizzy and fell back into bed.

Yunho took a moment and that's when he realized it was his day off. There was no schedules, no plans, and with Changmin on his trip he's got nothing going on for the day. With that realization he shuts his eyes in relief and drifted off to sleepland again.

Yunho opened his eyes again, looked at the clock, and it was already passed 3 in the afternoon. He couldn't believe more than half the day was gone just like that. Then he heard a growling sound and looked down at his stomach. Apparently it was complaining that he hadn't fed it breakfast or lunch. But it was too late for breakfast so his stomach just had to settle with a late lunch.

Yunho slugged around the bathroom a bit before heading to the kitchen. There he found some bread, some cheese and some ham just lying around on the counter. Not sure how they got there but he was too hungry to care. So he made a sandwich with them.

When Yunho opened the fridge there was a fresh glass of orange juice inside. Again, he didn't know how it got there, but he took it with him anyway along with his sandwich and went out to the living room couch. He's already sure if Changmin were here he'd disapprove of this, saying how he might drop something and make a mess. Oh well, since he wasn't around, Yunho thought.

While he was eating his sandwich Yunho couldn't help but notice how empty and quiet the apartment was. If Changmin were home he'd probably be quietly reading a book or something somewhere in the living room. He wouldn't say a word though, being the quiet guy the younger was.

Yunho knew if Changmin chooses he'd rather be reading in his own room. But he knows sometimes Yunho didn't like being all alone in the living room. So the other stays to keep him company. Or so Yunho likes to think that.

After he finished his sandwich and orange juice Yunho was hit by a sudden nonstop sneezing feast. The result after 20 minutes was him being a sniffling, stuffy nosed, and runny nosed combo mess. It was followed by an unexpected chill in the air that got him shivering and running back under his bed covers, again. Tired and a little miserable from his new nasal problems Yunho opt to let his eyelid fall heavy and let sleep claim him once more.

Yunho couldn't fall asleep. He's hot and cold, he's head not completely there. All the while he heard a sound outside. In a distance, keys were jingling, door opening and closing, and bags were dropping on the wooden floor.

It was followed by nearing footsteps, a knocking on his bedroom door, then a sigh. Very distinct, very familiar.

Changmin? But he isn't supposed to be back till tomorrow? Yunho thought.

He couldn't get up. He was strangely tired and a bit dizzy even though he was lying down.

A hand gently rests on Yunho's forehead and cheek.

"You’re burning up," said with a worried voice.

Yunho just doesn't have the strength. As he felt like he was falling, Yunho heard that worried voice again echoing in his ears, which sounded just like Changmin's.

Yunho awoke again. It was already dark out, well into the night probably. He felt his forehead to find a cold pack on top of it, but he doesn't remember how it got there. He also notices a glass of water and a bottle of medicine on his nightstand too. It's a mystery how these things are appearing around him. Well, that's what Yunho thought.

His bedroom is dimly lit he just realized. He sat up trying to look for the source and then there in the far corner of his room. Yunho saw the figure sitting on an armchair with a book in hand beside a lamp on a stand. Changmin, who was peacefully asleep. Okay, he could hear some soft snoring. But to Yunho it's a peaceful scene.

Although, he's still a bit light on his feet, Yunho got up from his bed to make his way to Changmin. He grabbed a blanket that's already lying on the arm of the chair and draped it over the other.

"I'm glad you're home, Changmin-ah."

Changmin felt fingers lightly gliding over his forehead, which swept back his bangs, and without a reaction he continued pretending to sleep.

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