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tokidokiko's Journal

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17 June 1987

01. grammar errors and typos 02. randomness 03. patheticness 04. alice nine. & the gazettE
Toki-chan's journal is semi friends, so personal entries are locked (^O^)/
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Toki-chan Stuff
Anna. 22. Chinese. Cantonese. Female. 5"1.7'. Rabbit. Temperamental. Delusional. Procrastinator. Unpredictable. Reserved. Dorky. Insecure. Nice?? Misunderstood. Can be a weird.

♫ Music ♫

ガゼット, アリス九號。, Jrock, KAT-TUN, Ai Otsuka, Jpop, Super Junior, DBSK, Kpop & more...

♥ Hobbies ♥

Fashion Browsing Online. Upload Music. Listen to Music. Redesign old clothes. Design Jewelry. Crafts. Manintaining my Shop. Read Manga (Yaoi). Watch Asian Dramas/Movies. Stalk LJ-er. Write. Photoshop.

☠ Hates ☠

Bugs. Veggies. & Much Much More...

Stylesheet by feel_the_fire

when [ Kamenashi Kazuya ] and i go s w i n g i n g ♥ at the park,

→ we f l y h i g h through • • • PRETTY BLUE SKIES
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